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Norms and environment (RT2012)

Touax offers a customized approach to fit your buildings to the new 2012 thermal regulations (RT2012)

In a few words:

  • The French thermal regulation aims to fix a maximum energy consumption of new buildings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, domestic hot water production and lighting
  • We must distinguish the regulations (RT 2005 / RT 2012), which are texts of laws than labels (HPE, THPE, BBC) which are created for the professional sector of construction and describe the energy performance of buildings


  • Compare the building looked a reference building (Similar to but geometrically predefined specifications)
  • Energy consumption of the building must be less than the reference building

Touax meets the requirements of the RT2012 with its module design standard:

  • Our solutions allow us to adapt buildings to the requirement level of each label / RT, whatever the region.
  • Customized approach to each case: Touax valid compliance with the RT2012 through its research department. Customized studies are undertaken for each project. Entrust your project RT 2012!

More details on the RT2012, click here

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